Styps Secondment Recruitment

Styps Legals & Financials | Secondment & Recruitment for your Real Estate projects

We are Styps. We offer legal and financial people. We work with the best Legals & Financials.

Our core business is secondment and recruitment. We think in opportunities. With this approach we create opportunities to mutual benefit. Do you want to work with or for us? Let’s get in touch.

Legal and financial people in Real Estate

We deliver legal and financial people with substantial real estate expertise and create opportunities. Our core business is:

  • Secondment of legal and financial people for pre audits, post audits, ‘maintenance’, quick scans, second opinions or just your regular work that needs to be done no matter what;
  • Recruitment of legal and financial people for employment at your company. Because we believe in what we are doing, we offer our recruitment services on a ‘Pay What You Want‘ basis;
  • Maintenance: show us what needs to be done in your Real Estate portfolio, financially and/or legally and we take care of it.

Opportunities and network


  • Create opportunities via our network for your transaction, merger, take-over or funding in your real estate business;
  • Offer you a global and local network, provide a (shadow) advisor and help you succeed your real estate projects.

We are a free and independent company! Offices in Utrecht and The Hague, The Netherlands.